I Want to be a Rock Star!

Mr. Krant

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I want to be a Rock Star! Who wouldn’t want to be a Rock Star?  You make a lot of money!  Have a large number of adoring fans.  Everybody wants to know you.  Is it the fame or money?  Maybe it is the power that goes with fame and money that is so intoxicating!

Fame is intoxicating

Rock Stars are like politicians!  They are powerful because they draw a crowd and get our attention.  Who wouldn’t want to be on stage and have 40,000 people screaming that they love you and clap and cheer everything you do?  Why do we envy this talent?  Yesterday or was it a couple months ago, you were an ordinary guy until you became famous.  Did the money change you or was it the fame?  Money and fame can change people!  Do you change or do people react to you differently?  It is hard to tell!  What is it about fame that it changes people?


Reality Shows

What is it about celebrity that brings out the fans?  What is it about fame and money that everyone wants it?  The people on Jersey Shore were ordinary people before they were transformed into celebrities.  Reality shows transform ordinary people into celebrities or at least famous.  If popular, they earn more and suddenly have power.  Would you do anything for fame and money?  We give them a platform or TV show to speak!  Does being a fan mean you will listen to them or do you like what they do?

There are reality shows that feed off of our desire for fame and money.   MTV has a show of famous homes, Home and Garden TV has a whole channel about what you can do with homes.  There are reality shows on MTV, VH1 and mainstream TV about famous people or they become famous from the show.  Some may consider these as a phenomenon, but before reality shows there were game shows.  Let’s not forget that there are people lining up to become actors, entertainers, comedians, newscasters and other careers in front of the camera.  Is there anything wrong with that?

Fame is not limited to TV

Is fame limited to people who appear in front of the camera?  There are professional athletes, high school and college athletes (on a smaller level), politicians, authors, CEOs and experts (college professors, consultants and a variety of professions).  There are famous people in every profession such as medical doctors, lawyers, teachers, professors, designers, and even bloggers.  What is it about fame that is so seductive?  Don’t you want to be the best?

What’s next?

Everyone talks about goals, careers, money, earnings, working conditions and lifestyle.  We are always asking children what they want to do when they grow up.  Do you have to be famous to be happy or successful?  If you are doing something you enjoy, you will be good at it.  Perhaps that statement is too simple because you have a lot of different interests.  It is your job or objective to look into all those interests and spend the time to figure out what you should do.  I have run into many people who have jobs or even careers that say they are unhappy, but they do not know what to do!  They never spent the time to figure it out.  Do you want to be someone who worked in a job or career, which you do not like?

Final thoughts

What are you waiting for? Start investigating the careers you like and have the skills and talent to succeed.  During college, you should start to put your plan in action.  As you get older, you should reflect on your career and think about what you like and dislike.  It is never too late!  I am in my seventh career!  I have earned considerably more money and had opportunities for fame although at a modest level.  I enjoy my career as a teacher because I like to influence young people through skills building.  My journey of business executive, business owner, consultant and teacher, although related evolved over time.  You can always complain about your life, but successful people make changes to make their lives better. 

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I Want to be a Rock Star!