Do You Really Want to Be Rich?

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Everybody says they want to be rich, but few know how to achieve it! What is rich anyway? Everyone has a different definition! Is one, two, five or ten million dollars enough to be rich? How do you become rich? You could win the lottery, but the odds are against it! Most rich successful people work hard to get rich. That is a little simple and vague! Becoming rich is much more complicated and takes a variety of skills, habits and talent.


I achieved success early in life, in school, career and my personal life. It required a great deal of skill, talent and habits. My experience helped me achieve all of my dreams and then some. Imagine what your life would be like if you had everything you ever wanted, how would you act? It will change your outlook for sure. How did I do it? I would read everything I could get my hands on about rich successful people.


Why read about it? You have to start somewhere! “Reading information that will increase your knowledge about your business or career will make you more valuable to colleagues, customers or clients. Among wealthy people, 88 percent read 30 minutes or more every day.” What are doing to become rich? Unless you are already wealthy, you need to learn what to do. It is not easy, but you can learn!


According to The Huffington Post, billionaires like Warren Buffett (3rd richest in USA) read 600 to 1,000 pages per day when he was starting his investing career. Bill Gates (#1 richest in USA) reads 50 books a year. Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks, owner) reads three (3) hours a day. Elon Mosk (Tesla PayPal and Space X founder) is an avid reader. He learned how to build rockets by reading books. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder, 4th richest in USA) resolved to read a book every two weeks.


Wealthy people listen to audiobooks, read educational material, read for personal development, read biographies of successful people, read newspapers and online news to keep up with current events and much more.  Reading is similar to exercise, but for your brain. Everyone reads for a variety of reasons, some for fun, escapism, knowledge, mental stimulation, vocabulary, analytical skills, better writing skills, or just entertainment.


Reading is the best way to perform research! As you mature, you realize you do not know everything and reading helps you find out what you need. Whether you want to achieve success, wealth or just happiness, you will always need information. Where you get the best information is in books, periodicals, and online. Do you want to have a home, invest or have a business? You have to learn what to do and reading is one way to do it.


Have I convinced you that reading can help you achieve your goals? If not, how do you expect to accumulate the information to invest or start a business? I suppose you could seek out the some successful people you want to be like and ask them, but that takes a lot of time. Even, if you could find all those rich successful people, what would you ask them?


Do you have your list of incisive questions? Better yet, do you have the cash, discipline, skills, and talent to achieve success? It takes time and effort to achieve success. More importantly, you need to figure out what career, profession or trade will help you get there, and then you need the skills, talent and experience to achieve it. School, college or professional school may help, but it does not cover everything. You have to supplement it with reading!


What is your action plan? You can start today and maybe you will be ready when the opportunity presents itself. You can start by reading 30 minutes a day something you are interested in. It can be sports, entertainment, biographies, hobbies, or just about anything published. After just twenty-one consecutive days, you formed a habit that will help you get what you want in life.  You start small and there is no limit to how far you can go. What are you waiting for?

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One Response to “Do You Really Want to Be Rich?”

  1. Rita Miller on March 6th, 2017 8:24 am

    I completely agree that reading 30 minutes a day is necessary to be a socially responsible person. Thank you for your insight on the connection between reading and wealth.


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Do You Really Want to Be Rich?