Few sentence horror stories

Benicio Carrasco, Writer

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Few sentence horror stories


1.) At night I can hear the sound of footsteps and children laughing. I live alone.

2.) My grandma woke me up to tell me that the house was on fire. My grandmother died in a fire 3 years ago.

3.) I took a sip of wine and the next thing I remember is waking up with stitches and in a tub of ice in a bathroom with the door closed.The door began to open.

4.) I got assigned a cellmate. He tells me that I will die here. I ask him why? He tells me it already happened.

5.) I dug up a hole looking for treasure in my backyard as a kid. I was pulled in.

6.) Youtube has many creepy videos. Why am I in a video of me sleeping if i don’t have a account

7.)My friend told me he couldn’t go home and asked if he could stay the night. I asked my parents and they told me that my friend had been dead for 3 years. I turn my back and I see my friend with bruises, cuts, and a knife in his chest. He tells me to join him as blood drips from his mouth.

8.) Water began to fill my bed. After that I couldn’t breath.


9.) As a kid I lived with a monster under my bed. When my parents asked why I was scared to go asleep I told them to look under the bed. In order for the monster to let me live I had to make some sacrifices.

10.) I loved doctors who know a lot about the human body. Yet I never expected my doctor to sow pieces of other people on me.

11.)Some nights you can still hear the screams of a man being mutilated. It was painful at the time.

12.) Dolls always scare me.There’s a package of a doll that looks like me in the cupboard. I can hear it talk to me.


13.) Finger foods are my favorite food. But they are so messy to cut off.







14.)The boogeyman isn’t real. Yet at night my father comes home.

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Few sentence horror stories