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Sean Galvez, Writer

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This year’s 2017 Eclectic was filled with different personalities. With each performer displaying their own unique set of skills and talents, loud claps of praise could be heard from anywhere in the shoebox. Different types of performances such as: dancing, singing, rapping, and doing magic tricks were done. The grand finale being the celebration of Edwin Sanchez’s birthday and a quick recognition of the fast-growing rapper that died, Lil Peep.


The first performance was a rap (title unknown), by Moises Lemus, a well-known rapper in the DMHS community. Rapping about love and its bad aspects, his rap emitted a sense of acknowledgement amongst the crowd. The rap song consisted of a melancholic tone, with a steady beat that grew and shortened depending on the emphasis of the verse. After the rap, he was greeted with an overwhelming applause, suggesting that the rap was indeed fire.

Up next was Sofia Nevarez, a junior in DMHS. She sang Make you feel my love by Adele. And when she sang, her voice matched Adele’s pitch. Every verse was perfect and in tune. While she sung, there was no disturbance by the audience. They were all encapsulated by the beauty of the song and the elegance of her voice. When the song ended, just like Moises, she received a long applause.


Aisha, a student in DMHS, sang to the tune of “All I could do is cry” by Beyoncé. She looked very nervous when she arrived to the stage, but remained calm and focused. Her unique voice forced people to be silent. And when she sang, all that could be heard was her voice. When the song ended, everyone applauded in the library applauded her.

Next was our very own Downtown Magnets Division Suns Dance Team. With a team of more than 10 people, they danced to the beat of “Like a River” by Bishop Briggs. Once every performer of the dance group came into position, it began. From when the song started until it ended, the dance team moved together in unison the whole time. This incredible sync was achieved and perfected by constant practice that they put in after school. When the song ended, the team was congratulated and honored by the audience, showing their upmost respect.

After the greatest dance of the event, Chris, a senior student at DMHS, performed two magic tricks that blew people’s minds. With the assistance of Roman McGee, Chris was able to voice out every step of his magic tricks. His magic tricks consisted of a pack of cards and some volunteers. After giving out directions to his volunteers, he seems to astound them with every result. Every time he finished a magic trick, a loud “OOOHHHH” sound could be heard- followed by people jumping and screaming to their friends about what they just have witnessed. It was truly amazing.

Lastly, the grand finale consisted of a shout-out rather than a performance. Edwin Sanchez, a junior in DMHS, was ordered to sit down in a lone chair on the center of the stage, not knowing what was going to occur. Moments later, people took out a poster that read, “Happy Birthday Edwin” in white and yellow paint. Then everyone started to sing “Happy Birthday” all of a sudden in a broken unison. Once the song ended, everyone came up to congratulate him on his birthday.

Overall, this Eclectic was really ‘lit’. It took some courage for these performers to come up and express their unique set of skills. All of these performers really worked hard and took time out of their own to perfect and present it all to the audiences.


In other news, Lil Peep a fast-growing rapper, has died on November 15, 2017. May his soul rest in peace.

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Hectic Electic