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Maya Wong

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I love anime, I’m a huge KPopfan. I love drawing and I love learning languages, especially Japanese. I hope to cosplay one day – it would be a nice luxury to have.



I like playing badminton. I like KPop (for example BTS – Jungkook and Jin is my bias); I like to draw.


My favorite food is sandwiches and I’m bisexual and I’m proud of it. I’m sarcastic so don’t take my jokes seriously. I love to draw.



I enjoy visiting art museums in Los Angeles. I also like to watch movies.



I like books. I like anime and orange juice is my favorite juice.


I enjoy long walks on the beach and making sure everyone is gets their work done. I am a senior at DMHS and plan to major in English Education so I can become a cool teacher. In my free time, I play videogames, rock climb, and cry (mainly crying, though).


I play a lot of video games. I like to watch movies. I don’t go anywhere beside going to school and back home.



I like reading manga. I like watch movies.



I like Spanish Rock (Mana), I like showing school spirits by wearing shirts of clubs I’m not in anymore, and I drink 3 liters of water per day.



       I like spending times with my friends. I’m very outgoing and i enjoy listening to music with my friends.


Areli: I like horror movies and like to do tae kwon do.

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