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MORP: Was it worth?

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MORP: October 6, 2017.  In my freshman year, I decided that I would save up my money so that when senior year came around I would be able to go to all the events in which DMHS has to host, MORP being 

one of them.  In all honesty, I had no  idea what to expect. There were mixed reviews: “I wish I had gone since freshman year”; “It was pretty boring by eight”; “The music could be better”. However, as the famous saying goes, you never know until you try. So I tried. Now, I’m not much of a party person. I mean I’ll dance sure, but I’ll also stick to the sidelines when I feel like it.  In addition, some of the rumors were true.

The music was 

okay. Sometimes the DJ stopped the flow and other times he made it work out really well.  Now, in terms of ambience, everyone was having a lot of fun. The lighting was beautiful; it really felt like we were in a gym rather than a cafeteria. As always, I’ve got to give a humongous shout out to ASB as always for doing their best because their efforts really show: 100 out of 10. Also, the bracelets that were handed out with “MORP 2017” on it was really a step up. In addition, you could keep going back for multiple photos at the photo booth which was really nice since the lines weren’t too long.

Overall: I really enjoyed MORP. Yeah the music could’ve been better and by nine o clock I was a little bored, but in all honesty I would’ve gone regardless. It’s really the friends you’re with that makes MORP such an unforgettable event: not the dancing; not the lights; not even the crowd surfing or water that rained upon the crowd. It was the friends. If I would say anything about MORP, is to make sure you have a great set of people you can really hang with the majority of the way. If not, it will be boring. Even wallflowers can enjoy some things in life if they sit against the wall with a homie or two.

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  1. Gazzy Garcia on December 11th, 2017 1:34 pm

    Great Article! I’ll go to next years MORP!

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MORP: Was it worth?