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Director: Robert Zemeckis

Executive Producer: Steven Spielberg                                                   

Rated: PG

Released: 1985

Genre: Fantasy and Science Fiction

Actors: Michael J Fox

            Christopher Lloyd

            Lea Thompson

            Thomas F. Wilson


    Back to the Future is an iconic film filled with humor, adventure, and excitement. Marty McFly portrayed by Michael J Fox is a teenager whose parents live an unsatisfying, boring life making Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) his only source of enjoyment. Doc Brown a scientist who can never seem to successfully create an invention that can actually work, fin

ally accomplishes his life’s work, to create a time machine. Also known as the DeLorean DMC-12 Doc’s time machine a car powered by the

 “flux capacitor” an energy source he spends years and his fortune making successfully allows the DeLorean to travel in time.

     In an unprecedented twist of events Marty finds himself traveling to 1955 the year his parents met and Doc Brown came up with the idea of the flux capacitor. However, Marty is unable to return home to 1985 therefore he seeks the help of young Doc Brown. Marty also encounters his parents who are in highschool; As trouble continues to spur, Marty is tasked with uniting his parents and returning back to his time period. All the while trying his best not to affect the “space time continuum” that could have lasting affects on his life in 1985. The storyline makes for a great film with amazing characters that bring the movie to life with their unique humorous characteristics.

    Back to the Future is very much an action filled film that captures the audience providing 116 min

utes of non stop entertainment. Michael J Fox’s young and comedic nature appeals to the viewers. As well as Christopher Lloyd’s wild and energetic personality. Both portray a captivating friendship and performance. Back to the Future is a movie that can be enjoyable even decades after its release, it’s truly timeless and has made Hollywood history as one of the best movies ever made.



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