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Dollars for Disasters: An Interview with Dejie Zhen

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After the recent natural disasters that have occurred around the world, DMHS has decided to fundraise and create a charity drive called “Dollars for Disasters”.


M stands for Maya Wong, the interviewer

D stands for Dejie Zhen, the mind behind Dollars for Disasters


M: Hi I’m Maya.  What is Dollars for Disasters?


D: Dollars for Disasters is called Dollars for Disasters is to attract people: it’s catchy. It’s pretty much a charity drive for those affected by hurricanes like Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Hurricane Maria. We’re just trying to help collect money and aid the people who were affected by it because some people lost their homes and everything they owned.


M: So what inspired you?

D: It all started when I was watching the shooting about Las Vegas. People were shot and families were killed. This made me more sympathetic towards people in shootings, and when Ms. Gonzalez told me about the drive, I wanted to help.


M: What were the challenges that you faced?

D: Fundraising…at first it wasn’t that great, but the second week it got better, but it hasn’t been rapidly but hopefully.

M: What are your goals for this event?

D: My goal is to raise a thousand dollars, because we can help more people in need.


Definitely if there are more disasters like more hurricanes and shootings, I can host another charity drive for people who are affected.


M: How hard was it for you to create this event?

D: It was extremely difficult. I wanted posters to be done, when we had it all done, when we had the big wall poster, 3 other posters; i felt that people weren’t into it, so we decided to give them an incentive to participate. We didn’t want to reveal it because we weren’t too sure, but we’re pretty sure we can go to the event. At first, it was extremely hard, but when we revealed it things got better.


In ASB we have committees. I really wanted to get the word out and this required advertising like usually there’s posters. So i assigned people to make the posters, I made posters at home digitally, this week we have games at lunch. Afterschool we have an event on Thursday.


M: How do you balance organizing Dollars for Disaster with your schoolwork?

D: I do both at the same time. I put half of my time in the charity drive and half on my schoolwork.


M: What activities have you guys been doing?

Yea so I’ve been trying to create ideas, tomorrow we’re going to have a water laughing game. Thursday we’re going to have an afterschool event, and Friday we’re going to have the family feud game. I want to build up energy. We’


M: What’s your biggest takeaway from this?

D: I guess, learning to be more responsible and time management. Time management because I didn’t really start doing anything until a few days before the event. I also learned to think further ahead. Not just what am I going to do next week. That didn’t really work out cuz things didn’t go how I wanted. I learned I have to plan 3 weeks in ahead. Responsibilities: if I didn’t care for it as much, right now it’s successful but not that successful, so if I didn’t care that much it wouldn’t turn out the way I wanted.


M: What is your advice to  those who want to do something similar?

D: Always have an incentive because people won’t donate out of kindness, for high schoolers mostly. Some people might, but always have an incentive incase. Think further ahead: don’t procrastinate. Think 4 weeks ahead. Plan your entire month and try to build the energy for it every single week. Don’t wait for next week, think about what you want to do for the second week, third week, and fourth week. Be HYPER ABOUT IT! If you’re not engaged, it won’t be as successful as you want it to be. Also, communication is key. In the beginning, the event wasn’t as hyped because my committee lacked communication.


If you are a student at DMHS or want to support a homeroom at DMHS; after you donate, please DM Dejie Zhen or Chloe how much you donated and your homeroom! DO NOT put anonymous when you donate. Here’s the link to donate:…/dollars-for-disasters/  

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Dollars for Disasters: An Interview with Dejie Zhen