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The Counter food review

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The Counter food review

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When we think of cows most of the time we often think of beef, the third most common source of protein in America, first being eggs second being chicken. And what is an American staple that is synonymous with beef? You guessed it, the American burger.


The Counter may be a sit down chain but the chain itself has many variants that separate itself from chains such as Chilis and Applebees. In the restaurant, they have a single slip of paper that consists of your menu. It’s a customizable sheet for your customizable burger.There you can decide on what you want in your burger and any extras besides extra meat or cheese is all free with your meal. The items that are free are and not limited to are:

1.) Lettuce

2.) Grilled onions

3.) Chipotle aioli

4.) Thousand island sauce

5.) Gruyure

6.) Cooked egg

7.) Acomodável

In this place the sky’s the limit and your imagination is the only thing stopping you from making your burger the mount everest for burgers. For instance, this burger right here may be huge, but at an additional charge that is less than the actual meal you can get an addition

al burger too of the same caliber, with drink refills of course.

Then again there’s always dessert which has it own take on the pizookie which is a giant serving of 2 scoops of ice cream and a large warm cookie.


I do highly recommend you go to this place, it’s located in Downtown Los Angeles right by the big Macy. However, some of the food may be a bit pricey so I would label it as $$ rather than $.


Hope all of you enjoy your delicious burgers and if you have anymore questions check out their website:

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The Counter food review