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Movie Review: Star Wars The Last Jedi

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Director: Rian Johnson

Screenplay: Rian Johnson

Music Composer: John Williams

Rated: PG-13

Screen Time: 2 hrs 32 min

Staring: Daisy Ridley




             Mark Hamill

             Adam Driver

             Carrie Fisher

             John Boyega

             Oscar Isaac

Genre: Adventure, Action, Fantasy

Release Date: December 15, 2017


Star Wars The Last Jedi is the eighth film in the Star Wars franchise and like the others it was extraordinary filmed, written, and executed.

This film was largely anticipated by Star Wars fans because of the many unanswered questions

in the previous film Star Wars The Force Awakens. Fans could not wait to watch Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) back in Star Wars acting alongside the late Carrie Fisher who portrays Princess Leia. Fans were questioning who Rey’s (Daisy Ridley) parents were, most assumed they had to be descendants of the Skywalker family luckily The Last Jedi did answer most of these questions. Johnson’s take on the Star Wars films was different from J.J. Abrams’  he added new characters, added more humor, and brought back some features from the past Star Wars movies.

In Star Wars The Last Jedi we get to see Rey learning to use the force, she is taught by Luke Skywalker who has been attempting to stay far away from the jedi force. Meanwhile, the rebellion is having a difficult time fighting off the First Order; we see Finn, Princess Leia, and Poe attempt to find a plan to save everyone in the spaceships being under attack. Rey and Kylo Ren develop a connection throughout the film, with the use of the force they are able to communicate with one another, the two characters interact in different settings in the movie. The film is loaded with action, humor, and is highly entertaining. Star Wars fans will more than likely love Star Wars The Last Jedi however, for people who have yet to watch the earlier films it might be difficult to follow and understand. Therefore, its highly recommended to watch the previous films before watching The Last Jedi.



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Movie Review: Star Wars The Last Jedi