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Did Someone Die at the Golden Globes?

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Did Someone Die at the Golden Globes?

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The Golden Globes have enabled The Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association to donate more than $27.9 million to entertainment-related institutions, charities and nonprofits. Any award received is an outstanding recognition in motion pictures and television. It is one of the most televised events.

I believe that sexual harassment is one of those serious allegations that should always be handled with importance and care because it is a very black or white topic. This is one of the few topics without a gray area because it’s either the accused

committed the act or not.


There is no question. But the matters should always be investigated no matter the status or social standing of a person because we are all humans. No humans life has more value than another’s. And no one should be exempt of search and scrutiny by law enforcement just because of who they are.

It is very unfortunate that sexual harassment is still an issue today because there are more resources available to victims. Such as lawyers, Human Resources, and project leaders (like directors).

But it is crucial to note that victims may be silenced in order to keep their career. In Hollywood, victims may want to speak out but they feel voiceless and overall powerless since they know that if they speak out they can be black listed by influential people. Black listing is an act that basically means that an influencer ends another’s career by making sure that the person never gets another role in Hollywood or the motion picture industry.


While no one died at the Golden Globes, there were actors that showed up who were out of the limelight. One could say they rose from the dead.

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Did Someone Die at the Golden Globes?