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“What the Salvadorans Being Kicked Out by Trump Face Back Home”

Xiaoyi Situ, Writer

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On January 9, 2018, Patty is a thirty-eight-year-old Salvadoran mother of two who has lived in the United States, on Long Island, since 1998. Her father was killed during El Salvador’s civil war, and her mother escaped to the U.S. to find a safe shelter as a refugee. Patty had thought that she would be eligible for residency in the U.S. through her mother, however, that didn’t work out. In 2001, after earthquakes had struck El Salvador, Patty was among the thousands of Salvadorans who qualified for temporary protected status, or T.P.S., which allowed her to live and work legally in the U.S. and its purpose is to protect the refugees from dangerous civil war and natural disasters in their countries. Trump tried to cancel the T.P.S because they have been living here in the United States for so many years and it’s time to go back to their countries. However, Patty does not want to go back not even traveling there for a while because it’s still dangerous there and lots of gangs taking over.

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“What the Salvadorans Being Kicked Out by Trump Face Back Home”