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Trump Wants to Arm Teachers

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With all the shooting lately, news about President Trump proposal on arming teachers as a response to the Parkland gun massacre horror widespread. Teachers dismissed it and lawmakers shied away from it. However, Donald Trump is as stubborn as ever, during the meeting at the White House with a number of governors he defended his proposal even with strong opposition. The press’s headline was “Trump wants all teachers to have guns.” Trump said, “I don’t want teachers to have guns.” He wants to give some teachers who had military or special training experience with guns to carry a gun. “Concealed guns to gun adept teachers with military or special training experience-only the best. 20%of teachers, a lot, would now be able to…”


Should teachers carry guns around school?



“Sure if they’re qualified. By Constitutional law, we still have the right to bear arms. If a teacher is legally allowed to carry and has proper training, then I don’t see a problem with it. The reason we allow police officers to pack is that they’re trained, so a civilian who’s trained should have the same consideration.”


“Safer environment for children and teachers. Responsible adults who know how to handle a weapon properly should be able to carry with a concealed weapon permit. It’s absurd to think that a good civilian with proper knowledge of weapons would leave the weapon on the desk or within reach of students. Concealed carrying permits mean they are hidden so the student wouldn’t even know.”


“Safety, Security, Stability. The teacher already has to go through a standardized FBI federally recognized background check. Should they be required to carry? No, obviously not. But if they Already own a handgun along with a Concealed Carry Permit than yes, they should be allowed. Teachers spend a majority of the day with students and should be able to offer a safe and secure environment. And teacher’s would be concealed carrying so students would not have access to the weapon and the teacher would not be leaving around any. And teachers who do not wish to have a weapon wouldn’t just like most civilian environments and even work areas. And a gun on the person would be last resort, regardless of the lock on the door or anything else. When an emergency emerges, the first the priority is the safety of students.”



“Guns should NOT be allowed in at school environment. Having more guns would just cause more shootings and access to these guns. In order to control guns, you must limit them. Having “firearms in school would also cause students to feel less safe and more likely to be targeted if you are in a heated situation, you would always have to watch your back.”


“It simply increases violence. If a teacher had a gun, it would simply increase the chance of a school shooting. I mean, what if the teacher was unstable and one day she just snapped. How’d that go? I am currently doing a project on this very topic at my school. Also, it takes money to train and supply teachers with guns.”


“Guns plus School. Why the heck would a teacher bring a gun to school!? The teacher may have serious mental problems plus anger issues. Plus some teachers might leave the gun unattended and the child might pick up the gun and play with it. And you know what happens when a child plays with a gun.”


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Trump Wants to Arm Teachers