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Riverdale Review (spoilers…duh)

April 27, 2018

The story starts with the death of Jason Blossom the towns golden boy and star on the high school football team. Cheryl, Jason’s twin, says that they went rowing in the lake and she dropped a glove in the water. Jason tried to get the glove but instead tipped the boat and he drowned.

Betty loves Archie but he loves her like a friend. Veronica Lodge is the new girl in town that has Archie’s attention. Betty and Veronica become friends and River Vixens in Cheryl’s cheer team.

Archie and his friends start investigating Jason’s murder. They discover that Jugheads dad is a southside Serpent. They are a Southside gang that commits crimes like theft. The Serpents have Jughead’s back when he moves to the southside and attends a southside school. One of the ghoulies picks a fight with Jug.

Archie and his friends discover his death was a murder. They solve Jas

on’s murder and find out that he was killed for knowing a secret. Is anyone safe in Riverdale? Who can you trust?

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