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Chapter 1 Father hands me down a Lazy-Butt

Tasnum Ahmed, Editor

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The room was brightened by the single candle on the table, where three people were sitting.

“Kiryu, the future of the whole kingdoms relies in the hope of you finding the lost stones and the associated heir to the throne.”- said the oldest, also the wisest among them. Me being the youngest in the room, just looked down at my laps and said nothing.

My father protested “He is too young and inexperienced. The journey itself is dangerous and it will only result in Kiryu’s death. Oh Wise One, Father, listen to me. Kiryu is needed here. He has to work on the family farm and take care of his three younger siblings. Since his mother felt ill in bed, everything…”

“Enough!”, broke out the old man,” Kiryu will leave for this voyage, whether he wants it or not”. Then, he slapped his hands on the table and stood up at once. As usual, he was wearing his white robe that covered his feet. He had a long beard, almost indistinguishable from his long hair. His primary appearance might have fooled some people into thinking he is old and weak, but inside him, a young strong man lived. He glanced at me and my father, and then left the room.

The only ones left in the room were me and my father. Father looked at me, but didn’t dare to say a word for a few minutes. We both understood what needed to be done.

“Kiryu, son, you have to do it. Try to understand me.”

“Dad b-but…”

   “Please. The situation may get worse in ways that you cannot imagine. If the King finds the Heir before us it is the end. It has been seventeen years that he is looking for the Heir. He does not have the power to destroy everything. But his son has. He can do it. Once he finds him, it will end both for all us and for the Kingdoms.

“Okay, Father, I understand. But what can a teenager boy like me do alone?”

”You must find the Heir before the King. And then convince him not to join the King.”

“And how can I do it?”

“Don’t worry about that. You won’t be alone. You will meet friends and be together in this journey. In order to recognize the Heirs, you have to find the lost stones- there are three of them. Each one in the hand of the three Heirs will shine and bring prosperity to the Kingdoms.”


“Kiryu, son, do you know the three kingdoms name?”

“Earlham, and Kragon Ville. Wait, did you say three?”

“Yes, Kiryu. There are three kingdoms. Earlham, Kragon Ville, and Kush Kush became part of Kragon Ville,” said my Father with a sad look,  “King Kristy has taken over Kingdom Ardell and renamed it Kush. Now Kingdom Ardell belongs to Kush.”

“But why would he do such a thing? Our kingdom, Earlham has been in war since I can remember! Does he want absolute control?”

“Son, you’re wrong. King Kristy is not evil, he is just desperate and hopeless. Sixteen years ago, he lost both his wife… and his son”

“How? What happened to them?”

“His wife died while giving birth to the child, and the child disappeared.”

“Di- disappeared?”, how could an infant ever disappear?

“One night, sixteen years ago, while the whole kingdom of Kragon Ville was celebrating, the young boy was left by himself sleeping in his room. The King decided to visit him during the Sunrise and give the little boy his blessings, but he found the two guards unconsciously lying by the door. His biggest fear was about to become real. When he opened the door, the bed where once laid his son was empty. He fall on his feet and shouted a cry that was heard among the three kingdoms.”

“Then, what caused him to start the war?”

“To find his lost son, of course. He believes that the Kingdom of Ardell, our kingdom, took away his child, and he demands it back.”

For the first time, I started feeling bad for the King of Kragon Ville. I spent my whole life despising him for causing the war. I blamed him for the poverty, the loss of innocent lives, and the daily fear of dying.  “Did we really steal his son”, I realized that the cake of problems had many hidden layers beneath, and it was not sweet and easy as i initially thought it would be.

“An old prophecy teller told the King that his son is in Kingdom Ardell, and he suspects we stole his son. His only heir, and only hope.”

“The King does not have any other children?”

“No, this is the point. With the only heir gone, the kingdom is in perish. Ancient laws strictly states that after the death or resignation of a King, the oldest or next in line will take the throne. If no heirs are present, the kingdom will be divided among the other two kingdoms.”


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Chapter 1 Father hands me down a Lazy-Butt