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Cnn 10:Bizarre Space War

Tasnum Ahamed, Editor

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I, myself, wasn’t prepared or ready for this outcome as many space commanders were. You may also not be ready for this news. There is a space war happening. This space war is bizarre, but it won’t be close to affecting you. You can’t see it, though. This space war began when Russia and China teamed up and made a satellite that has an arm which can kidnap other satellites so the satellite kidnapped America’s satellite. The Americans were raged so they decided to fight back. One day in the future while it’s 7:00 am in California the wifi will go slow and other things will lose navigation. At 9:00 am, however, traffic lights will be red and each car will stop. Airplanes won’t have navigation to where they’re going so they may even be landing on your house or the sea but hopefully in an airport where people can help them. Nuclear bombs will be lost where to bomb so hopefully, nothing gets damaged or they might bomb a country that had no reason to get bombed and then fight back which would harm America even more. People like your mom or dad or best friend can’t call your text you to warn something or tell sad news. The worst news of all is that we have a really good chance to lose as one of the CNN 10 members said.  They said “It’s silly to think that us losing this space war isn’t a possibility. We do have a chance of losing this war.” It’s a war like Star Wars, but more realistic.

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Cnn 10:Bizarre Space War