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CHLOE Restaurant Review

Benicio Carrasco, Writer

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Have you ever had that moment where someone gives you a food item that you like and then told you it was vegan?, And then suddenly realized that vegan food can be tasty. Well, the same thing happened to me when I ate a burger from by CHLOE. by CHLOE is a vegan restaurant that does not try to mimic any kind of food and rather allows for there to be a delicious experience that is not unhealthy or even disgusting to eat. I absolutely hate vegan food since anytime I tried to eat anything vegan I would immediately spit it out, but when I ate by CHLOE I immediately fell in love with the restaurant. Everything is made daily and they use locally sourced ingredients. by CHLOE is a great alternative for people who are vegans, have food allergies or anyone who wants to try vegan food. I would highly recommend the classic burger and the hostess cake which is a giant hostess cupcake which tastes awesome!. The fries are air-baked and they make their own sauces like a spicy chipotle aioli and beet ketchup. However, when it comes to the price point I would price it around $$ which means that it is semi-expensive but not too expensive. Ice cream is $4.95, and the classic burger is around $10.00. This may sound expensive but it is delicious in every way and definitely worth your money. So in conclusion, by CHLOE is destined to turn any vegan food hater into a vegan good lover! The restaurant is located in Silverlake at 2520 Glendale Boulevard Los Angeles CA, 90039.


For prices look down below at the menu:

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CHLOE Restaurant Review