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Eunice Gonzalez

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The story starts with a narrated introduction. Miguel tells us that his great great grandfather loved music and had a daughter with his great-great grandmother. His great-great grandfather left them and his great great grandmother did not have time to cry but she “rolled up her sleeves and learned to make shoes”. His great-great grandmother banned music.

Miguel tells us that he is not like his family and loves music. Miguel goes to the Mariachi Plaza to shine shoes and introduces us to his town. Miguel is convinced that he must play at the contest tonight and “seize his moment”. His grandmother sees Miguel and scares the Mariachi away.

Miguel goes to his secret hideout where he plays his guitar. Miguel watches his idol Ernesto De La Cruz on a small television. We watch Ernesto de la Cruz tell the audience to “seize their moment”.

Miguel tries to sneak away to play at the Plaza but ends up in his family’s ofrenda room. He hides his dog Dante under the table but Dante and eat the food on the ofrenda. Miguel tries to remove him and drops a frame which breaks and reveals a photograph. The picture is of Mama Imelda, her daughter Coco, and a man who holds a guitar. Miguel compares it to an image of Ernesto De La Cruz and realizes that his great-great grandfather is Ernesto!

He runs to tells his family and holds his guitar. His grandmother destroys his guitar and he runs away to the Plaza. Miguel tries to get a guitar and fails. He sees Ernesto’s statue and decides to steal Ernesto’s guitar. Miguel grabs the guitar and strums it and turns into a ghost.

Miguel get scared and runs. He bumps into his family and they take him to the land of the dead. Mama imelda needs to give Miguel her blessing for him to go back to the land of the living. But with one condition, miguel is to never play music again. Miguel goes back but instantly plays a guitar and goes back to the land of the dead.

Miguel runs away to find his great-great grandfather Ernesto

Miguel finds Hector and they go on an adventure to find Ernesto and take Hector’s photograph to the land of the living so he can cross the bridge to see his daughter.

Coco is a great movie that depicts Mexican culture and tradition. Mexican culture revolves around close family. Coco focuses on a theme of family comes first which is typically said in a mexican family. This movie is great because it makes you laugh and cry.

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Coco Review