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Life sentence Cancelled

Eunice Gonzalez, Chief Editor

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Stella who has had cancer for a few years is now cured. She was used to living in the moment. She is not used to thinking about the consequences her rescission will have. Now she must live with the consequences.

Her brother Aiden is not the best adult and is trying to figure out how to be a normal adult. He sells his ADHD pills to moms. Then he starts selling his drugs at the coffee shop without Stella knowing.

Stella is crushing on a new doctor at the hospital where she volunteers. The doctor understands her more than her own husband.

Stella is married to Wes who she met in Paris. Wes turns out to be lying about a few things because he wanted to be perfect for Stella who had been dying.

The show has been cancelled due to low ratings. There will not be a season 2.

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Life sentence Cancelled