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Eunice Gonzalez, Chief Editor

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Mcfarland USA  is a drama film  that takes place in  California’s central valley.  The main characters are mexican american  teen boys who are underestimated and overlooked. The  film starts out with a high school coach talking to  his team. The coach seems frustrated with his team because they  aren’t winning the football game so far. One team member then says  a snide comment under his breath which the coach seems to hear. The  coach then throws a shoe at a locker next to the guy who said the comment,  the shoe bounces off the locker and scratches the guys face. The guy then angrily get up  and leaves. In the next scene, the coach is moving with his family to McFarland. They get  home and the coach says he wants to leave but his wife reminds him that they can’t afford  Bakersfield. The next day the principle is surprised someone like the coach, overqualified, would  move to mcfarland but once he sees the coach’s record he is no longer surprised. The coach tells  his students to run but they don’t seem motivated but a few teens stick out because they run superfast. The coach  then looks into the idea of building a cross country team at the school but is put down so he starts researching. He  looks for students and builds the team at last. The teens start training for their first race. When they get to the setting  of the race the coach gives them shoes and uniforms to wear. The team runs the race but falls behind in fourth place because they  are unable to run up the hill. The coach then takes the to practice running hills on a field where there are piles of nuts. Later they run another race. The Mcfarland team wins.

Lastly,  the team meets up  for practice but some  guys are missing so the coach  goes to see their father. The  family greets the coach and invites  him for dinner. After dinner the coach  encounters the father and their father mentions  that all the time his sons are away that’s less  time they are able to work with their father at home.

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