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The time I went to a Mexican wedding

Eunice Gonzalez, Chief editor

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“As we say The groom may kiss the bride!” the priest exclaimed.

We watched as felix kissed his wife and everyone cheered. Then we took pictures.

“We should get starbucks,” my cousin Jazmine said.

We went to starbucks leaving everyone wondering where we were. When we came back we finished taking pictures. Then we went home to relax before the party began. A couple hours later we got to the party. The place was decorated beautifully. Flowers adorned the walls at trees. The centerpieces of the tables were mexican sombreros with flowers on top.

In the back of the space there was a fountain and a colorful skull. Tasnum and I took pictures by the fountain. We sat down at a table and ate. There were mariachi playing romantic music while we enjoyed our food.

“We should dance,” I said.

“No one is dancing,” my mom replied.

My aunt Carina and her husband danced on the dancefloor. They were in sync and their moves complimented each other.

The DJ announced the daughter/sons dance. My cousin Allison and her brother Alex took the stage. Allison danced with her father while Alex danced with her father. The song “Hasta la Piel blasted. Many people were in tears as they watched the family dance. Carina and Allison were crying. My cousin Alan danced with his mom. The song “Palabras para Paula” played.

Then the couple danced with many people. The guests pinned money on the bride and groom before dancing.

The Dj announced that the bride and groom would mount the chairs for the next tradition. The bride and groom stood on chairs and held a scarf between them. All the single ladies made line and held onto each others shoulders as the snaked by the couple trying to seperate them.

I almost separated the groom.

“Go Eunice!” I heard someone say.

Then the men lined up and snaked around the couple. They shoved carina and threw themselves at Felix. One of the guys simply stood in the middle and tugged at the scarf and spun in circles. That was Lino and he was drunk.

The men were carrying Felix and he held on tightly to the scarf. Finally they pulled him away. The DJ played funeral music and they carried Felix and threw him into the air a few times. Someone stopped them from throwing Felix into the lake.

We danced at last to spanish music.

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The time I went to a Mexican wedding