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Cross Country 2016-2017

Yesenia Gomez, Staff Writer

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Since the first week of school the Cross Country team has been training nearly everyday of the week in order to make the school proud. Although the girls cross country team is looking smaller than ever the members continue to train hard and hope to keep their strong reputation of making it to city championships like they have for the past couple years. Many runners join cross country for multiple years such as Chai Luong and Alexis Martinez who share their favorite things about joining cross country, “My favorite thing about cross country is the time we get after each race to hang out.”(edited quote) says Chai. Alexis adds,”What I love about cross country is the team. Every year I am presented with an opportunity to meet new people, people that I would never have meet even though we attend the same school. My most fond memories aren’t the wins but the time spent with the team, whether it was mile repeats or cracking jokes in the locker room. Our team’s diversity isn’t an issue because at the end of the day we all run because we love it and there’s no other group of individuals I’d rather be with.”. Practices consist of sprints at echo park, distance runs, hill workouts, and timed runs at elysian park. Despite the complaints about the difficulty of cross country the runners continue to train hard and Gerardo Orellana (3rd year cross country runner) explains, “I use it to de-stress, I’m actually not that motivated but it’s really just that it’s both useful and good for me and that is what made it enjoyable overtime as I got used to it”. The dedication of these runners is quite spectacular, practices start right after school and usually end at around a little past 5 yet many of these runners maintain high grades while taking multiple AP classes. Considering the fact that running takes up hours for the team it’s concludable it has affected them in some way, Melissa Lopez (4th year cross country runner) shares, “Running has taught me that no matter how bad your day goes a good run can make up for that disappointment. Running has allowed me to ignore the nonsense and focus on what really matters”. The team’s first race is approaching quickly on September 29, 2016 against Orthopaedic High School at Elysian park.

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Cross Country 2016-2017