Pros and Cons of The Presidential Nominees

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Although the citizens seek for a god-like president within this year’s presidential election, there are pros and cons annunciated of the presidential nominees. Within two political parties represent Democratic Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump to seize the presidential position. Pros that unite the two presidential nominees are their concern for the economical issues and cons in which helps the people to vote by evaluating their current experience during their speeches, debates and the statistics in the political polls.

In regards to Hillary Clinton, her advantages to be the potential president expresses her political experiences from the white house as first lady during her husband, Bill Clinton in 1992. She also is a proactive US senator which she then collaborated with Democratic President Barack Obama in the 2000s. With the exception of her occupation in life, as a presidential nominee she expanded her political campaign by the means of her position in towards education by lowering student loan debt which a lot are favor of. Lastly, she has sensibility in accounts to to the issues of people. For instance, she was not in favor to support gay marriage but then was open minded to began advocating for the issue.

Through Republican Donald Trump, as a presidential nominee portray his pros to the country. Trump seize to impact the country by his campaign by stating issues that he will resolve such as violence, immigration, trade, terrorism and defending with gun rights. He was articulate in his speech and was recognized by his acceptance on people’s rights and beliefs as lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual Americans. With his outspoken personality he is eager to prove his point to the media giving him recognition. The issue of terrorisms conflicted the people’s perspective on Trump and his persuasion to be as competitive but resulted to devastation of supporters.

Both presidential nominees have enlighten the political stand but certain issues created flaws that diminish the media’s expectations influenced cons. Clinton apparently wanted to have an environmentally supportive campaign which she takes a stand to fight climate changes and a way to extract natural gas from rock which some experts say is bad for the environment. On the other hand Republican Donald Trump’s con in the political election is controversy within his insensitive speeches and approach to mass media. Overall, the pros and cons of presidential nominees in this year’s presidential election highlights their reliability for the people.


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Pros and Cons of The Presidential Nominees