“Beauty in Sadness”

Princess Bumagat, Writer

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To the man who abandoned his wife and own son,

Here he lies

He was saved but ended up in his death bed


Here he lies,

A picture of his son I picked up


Here he lies,

Died from jealousy and greed


Here he lies,

Someone who had everything he always wanted,

But threw everything for his ego


Here he lies…

This is the poem I wrote in English class the other day. We were assigned to do something creative regarding the idea of sorrow’s distortion and how it is related to the book we are currently reading. The book is a Western type and it is about a guy named Hondo, who just killed the husband of the woman he likes and the son of the boy who he is growing fond with. He feels different types of emotions, mostly sad and happy. He is happy that he will see the woman who quickly fell in love along with her son. Hondo also feels sad or guilty about what he did to the son’s dad. This moment symbolizes his wanting to survive therefore he did self-defense for his own good and about his humanity along with his soft side. He appears to be hard on the outside but soft on the inside. In conclusion, a lesson is meant to reach out to the readers about the explanation just mentioned. Its mostly similar to the famous quote: “You must not judge a book by its cover.” My poem is in the main character’s perspective, Hondo Lane. It displays my own opinion on how I believe Hondo might describe his foe in starting a relationship with the girl he likes and the man who is very self centered, who abandoned his one and only family.  

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“Beauty in Sadness”