According to a Foodie part 2

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Today’s Food:Pizza


Little Caesars

Little Caesars promise of hot and ready pizza is what makes it a go to for delicious pizza. Actually that’s not the only thing they promise, they promise each pizza pie is only five dollars, people say “you get what you pay for” but at Little Caesars that’s not true at all. The cheese is always fresh and they use pure ingredients to fulfill consumer demands.they may offer a few items and combinations for their pizza but each with there own spin on it. For instance they have a deep dish pizza that’s really delicious but greas, but you can get it’s wrapped in bacon and stuffed crust. They also have deals such as 2 deep dish pizza pies for eight dollars of a 6 dollar or a lunch combo with a single deep dish and a soda for 6 bucks. There is one close to our school over by Echo Park and that one has a drive thru.

Pizza hut


Pizza hut if a widely known name across American families offering pan pizza since the 1980s. However nowadays they offer extreme options in their pizza. They do have a wide selection of toppings for pizza but there crust comes now in multiple flavors such as toasted cheddar, pretzel, toasted parmesan and many more. They also have crust that can be stuffed with mozzarella cheese or now you can get stuffed and pressed as a grilled cheese sandwich, ya i said a grilled cheeses sandwich in a pizza, mind blown.however the crazy thing they did with there was crust was mixed with hotdogs and burgers, now a this point it’s getting ridiculous I mean now you have a hot dogs and burgers in a pizza. That’s ridiculous if you ask me but pizza is not the only thing they offer, they offer wings from wing street that are delicious and they also have pastas such as chicken alfredo. Pizza hut has change overtime but there taste has stayed the same since the 1980s.

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According to a Foodie part 2