Creativity = Death

Sean Galvez, Editor

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Creativity, a double-edged sword, a faux for human progression and a tool for destruction. Fueled marxist revolutions’ and helped create the pedagogical thought of critical thinking and a multitude of philosophical works. All throughout history humans constantly develop their understand of self-realization and new forms of thought. This, in turn, fueled wars, segregation, sides, and death. Hence, the idea of creativity is a danger to society and must not be taught in schools for it will put in risk the very order of the world.

In history class, one has learned the ideologies’ of Marxism, Nazism, racism and racial segregation. However, one must question the very thought. How did the authors’ come up with such ideologies’? How did they manage to come up with such a thought? Did it come up from thin air? No, creativity i steh underlying factor for the development of the human mind. For example, when Russia was still a monarchy prior to the Marxist Revolution, no one minded the social hierarchy already implemented upon the society. It was not until the release of the Communist Manifesto there was a revolution. With the development of the pen and paper and the sharing of a common language, the devastating effects of creativity is magnified to masses. This caused a huge uproar within the society, resulting in millions of unnecessary deaths.

Moreover, the effects of creativity falls under the alias of critical thinking. The philosophical works of Heidegger, Freud, and Lacan has brought forth upon a mental tsunami towards its readers, formulating different opinions and causing a huge mental and psychological divide amongst people. This phenomena can be seen in present-day America where the country is internally and politically split. The effects of critical thinking is so embedded within the society that it causes a superiority complex. Where one side is more inferior than the other. Vise Versa. If the other side does not get their way, more often than not, taking into account past and current events, humans will retaliate to the opposition. The dangers of critical thinking is what shapes borders, divides groups based off race, skin color, ethnicity, and gender.

However, some people may argue that creativity brings forth human progression towards world peace and that it is essential for it to be taught in classrooms, because of the potential it brings towards the ideal society. They advocate for a sense of self, individualism, instead of being mindless sheep. Some people may believe that creativity is a key characteristic in becoming successful and that it will help achieve one’s goals and aspirations through creative effort.

Most importantly, creativity slowly drives the human race into an abyss. It’s better to be mindless sheep and live a healthy lifestyle, than learning how to be creative and becoming self-aware. Better to be oblivious to the horrors of the world, than know the truth. Creativity, a catalyst for human destruction and the end of humanity. History has shown that creativity and critical thinking has fueled unnecessary wars and useless ideologies’, making sense of the world is the key to one’s demise. Hence, the pedagogy of creativity through the creation of a separate class or thought within an already existing class, must be stopped. Human progress can be achieved without human creativity and critical thinking. Creativity is self-destruction.

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Creativity = Death