Nintendo, we need to talk…

Benicio Carrasco, Writer

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Nintendo the company that produced Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong. Extremely iconic yet they are doing something that will ruin their motto of affordable games with their new product, the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo flopped big time when it came to their WII U console due to the many issues with both the controllers and their games and even prices. They are supposed to be affordable, but the WII U was ridiculous with its price of 300 dollars. You want a game with that new console? That’s going to cost ya. You want to have a different controller to function, unlike the controller you’re given? That will cost you. Do you want a battery pack so you don’t get only 1 hour of gameplay? THAT’S GONNA COST YA. Come on Nintendo you made the 2DS 80 dollars with Mario Kart 7, yet you thought not having a game with your console is smart. Back in the 80’s you could get a zapper gun, 2 controllers and a combo cartridge of Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros for 100 bucks and they built those NES to last *cough* unlike the Xbox 360 *cough*. Anyway, Nintendo had much more third party support with their NES such as legendary Konami, Tecmo, and Capcom. Tecmo made Ninja Gaiden, Konami made Contra, Castlevania, Gradius and many more. Capcom created a legacy with Mega Man yet now a day third party support comes from either Ubisoft, Activision and many more companies, but most all Sony and Microsoft have those companies under their thumb. Nintendo may have their own line of amazing Nintendo games such as Mario and Zelda, but nowadays people want to play shooters and games with violence and darkness, such as Naughty Dog’s the last of us. Worst of all the console itself has losable cartridges that are the size of a chip or an SD card for a camera, and the game themselves cost up to 60 dollars each. All the games that people want are in development and won’t be released until 3 months. Luckily the Nintendo has third party support, only from Bethesda *sarcastic clap*. Also speaking of SD cards you won’t believe how much data could be placed in the Nintendo switch……32 gigs. That’s the same as my phone for storage. This means anything you buy on there would be the only things and each 8 bit game you buy takes 16 gigs of ram. AAAAAAAAAH Nintendo what were you thinking. Nintendo is falling really quickly when it comes to overpricing every single product they make. What happened to making gaming affordable? That’s why I’m getting a Super Nintendo for my birthday instead of the Nintendo switch.



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Nintendo, we need to talk…