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Rising Conflicts

Maverick Bautista, Writer

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Tensions are high around the world with a rising conflict between the US and Syria. On April 4, 2017 the Syrian military launched a deadly chemical attack that killed over 80 men, women, and children. Although, this is one of the many incidents where the Syrian military authorized the use of chemical weapons. Afterwards the US initialized the use of subsonic guided missiles called “Tomahawks” over the Syrian base that housed the jets used for the chemical attack. Despite the US intervention, the base is still able to operate and increased hostility with not only the Syrian government, but also Russia.

Russia ties into the Syrian war as they support the Assad regime while the US and neighboring Middle Eastern states support the Syrian rebels. With Russia providing the jets used in the chemical attacks and giving aid to its military. With two great powers intervening, it causes a lot of problems with the civil war.

The civil war itself is a hard and difficult struggle that’s divided into four sides that includes Assad’s regime, the Syrian rebels, the Kurds, and ISIS fighters. With many backing any side causing many troubles. With the inclusion of nations such as Iran, the US, Russia, and Gulf States. This becomes a proxy war between Sunni’s and Shia’s in a constant struggle to support each other. Although, with the intrusion of foreign powers such as the US or Russia, who initially joined to fight against ISIS that arose in 2014. Since the civil war began in 2011, the use of chemical attack began in 2013 and has continued to the present.

Another significant situation lays upon the decades long standstill in Korea. North Korea developed and exercised the use of nuclear weapons deep underground for testing. Besides their nuclear arsenal, North Korea constantly tests long range ballistic missiles that have the capabilities to strike nearby US and South Korean allies. With the possibilities of those missiles to even reach the US itself, causing a dire situation in the region. Recently the US sent a carrier strike group to ease the tension in the region, but caused a response from North Korea to attack the US and its allies if they are to intervene.


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Rising Conflicts