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The Fate of the OverAchiever

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High school can be very tricky. It’s a place where you can outline somewhat of your future, but it is also a place to discover your interests. Now for those few very focused people who tend to have an outline of their future, school is a make or break. No in between and anything below an A is a fail. This can lead to a very promising future but as you will soon find out, it can also be lethal. Just this past week month unfortunately, a student died of taking in too much caffeine. Davis Allen Cripe died 6 hours shortly after intaking a McDonald’s latte and a redbull afterwards. His Parents say that it was his anxiety towards testing that made him drink these caffeine riddled drinks. At no point in your life should an education be higher on your priority list than your physical health.

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The Fate of the OverAchiever