Guisados food review

Benicio Carrasco, Writer

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Hey guys its Benny the food critic and I would like to talk to you about a fabulous restaurant that is only 3 blocks from our school and serves the most delicious tacos. However they aren’t any ordinary tacos, they each have their own twist on them. At Guisados there tacos aren’t the only thing on the menu. They also serve tamales, breakfast tacos, and a wide selection of natural Mexican drinks or better known as “Aguas Frescas”. Now you must be asking yourself “what’s this place called?” Well its name is Guisados which translates to casseroles in english.

This place is one of my most favorite places to go and have tacos because of how rich in flavor they are. If you are on a budget and don’t mind not getting a drink and instead having water, there is a sampler plate on the menu that can get you 7 mini tacos for only 7 bucks. If you chose to purchasethe tacos individually they are big and have been stuffed with items such as beans, avocado, and onions. However at Guisados there are amazing flavors that come from each taco. Since each taco has been dipped in its own sauce which periodically changes the flavor. The tacos range from Steak Picado, Tinga de Pollo, and Chorizo, just to name a few. They also have vegetarian options such as Calabacitas, Frijoles con Queso, and Hongo con Cilantro. They also have their very own Chicharon tacos that are very delicious. You can also purchase tamales but they aren’t as good as the tacos because they taste extremely spicy. They have their own sauce that if asked you can place all over your tacos. One of my family members tried the highest flavor of sauce and began to choke from the spiciness…so I wouldn’t try that sauce if I were you. When it comes to drinks they have a wide selection of aguas frescas such as Horchata, Agua de Limon, and Agua de Melon (My favorite!) and many more. The tacos that I would pick for my audience to try would be the chorizo tacos which come with chorizo, black beans on a handmade tortilla. There are many more different tacos but it’s up to you to try them. So if you ever find yourself walking on Sunset Blvd, make sure you stop at Guisados for a tasty taco.

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Guisados food review