Eating Balut

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What is Balut you may ask? Balut is a delicacy among most asian countries. What makes it so special? It is a fertilized duck egg. Which means the duck is premature and there is the baby inside with the duck egg and egg white. You may think. Yuck that sounds disgusting, I don’t want to eat a baby duck. But if you never try it, it’s easy to say it’s disgusting. I have eaten balut before in the past. Well today I am going to show you how to eat one and give you my take on how great balut is. So first we have to buy fertilized duck egg. But the main way to cook it is by boiling it, like a hardboiled egg.

Here is the video of me eating balut:

And tell me in the comments below if you ate balut before

Or you are going to try some in the future

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Eating Balut