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I will mainly focus on League of Legends news as a specialty writer for this newspaper. I will update you on patch notes, team standings for many of the major regions, and bring you to date with my perspective of League. Let’s start with NA. Who would have thought that teams like Dignitas and Immortals will shred down their enemies Cloud 9 and Counter Logic Gaming. It seemed very likely that CLG would not have made it to the Finals this year after their late signing of Omargod. Omargod, coming in as a rookie, did not have enough time to build synergy within the team. This can be seen clearly in the CLG vs. Envyus game in playoffs. Although CLG won 3-2, it showed that they were struggling to get out of playoffs versus a 9th-10th place team last split. Their playoffs ended by getting destroyed by Immortals in the Quarterfinals. On the other hand, WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THAT C9 WOULD BE KICKED OUT OF PLAYOFFS 3-1 AGAINST DIGNITAS. This must be heartbreaking for a top tier team. This has never in LOL history. The teams that have been in the final were only three teams: CLG, C9, and TSM. This is the first time in league history that 2 of them would not be making it in the finals. BUT, Who is ready for………..TSM Vs. Dignitas fighting for FIRST PLACE happening in BOSTON! I know I am ready to watch this match and you should too. Happening this Sunday 3 PM Eastern Time or you can watch DIg Vs. CLG fight for the 3r

d place team. Talking too much about NA. Let’s switch it to KOREA. KOREA #1. Faker#1. Khan#1? Wait what? WHO watched the Korean finals a few days ago. I know I did. Jk, I just watched the highlights. But, I WAS SURPRISED on who won. The one and only SKTT1. What they won again. NOPE! Longzhu gaming came beating the famous SKT out of the ring in this best of 5 series. I give my MVP to their top lane Khan. 

Known now for his aggressive laning in the top lane. He absolutely crushed SKT, winning 3-1. His Jayce was nasty, ending the last game with a 1v3. I did not believe my eyes. However, we have to find out how will faker redeem himself and get revenge on Longzhu Gaming a

t Worlds. Leave in the c

omments down below who do you think will take the NA 

crown in the summer split of 2017.

P.S. Rooting for TSM!!!!!!!!!


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