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Movie Review: Dunkirk

Carmen Mota

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Director: Christopher Nolan

Music Composer: Hans Zimmer

Genre: Drama/ Thriller

Rated: PG-13

Actors: Tom Hardy

            Mark Rylance

            Cillian Murphy

            Kenneth Branagh

            Fionn Whitehead

Cinematography: Hoyte Van Hoytema

Film Editing: Lee Smith

Costume Designer: Jeffrey Kurland


   Planes falling from the sky, torpedoes launching from enemy ships, the supply of water and food running low, and all the while seeing bodies of soldiers floating in the water. These were the things troops stuck at Dunkirk constantly saw.

    In the film Dunkirk director Christopher Nolan does an exceptional job at portraying the events that occurred in the Battle of Dunkirk during World War 2. Using IMAX cameras he was able to capture vivid visuals and remarkable sound. Nolan worked with Hans Zimmer, an extraordinary music composer who worked with Nolan on The Dark Knight film trilogy to produce incredible sound for the film. The sounds of violin strings, strong splashing waves, ticking timers, and bullets flying, made for an unbelievable cinematic experience especially in a IMAX 70 mm theater. Nolan is able to film impressive angle shots of the planes soaring in the sky and ground shots of troops swimming for survival. The overall display of this movie surpasses expectation and creates a rare experience for audiences.

    Throughout the film you can see three different situations taking place. First there’s the soldiers on land that with every ship sunk lose more and more hope of ever making it home. They are struggling in Dunkirk yearning to get home but are “sitting ducks” unable to cross the ocean home. An interesting  figure in this narrative is Commander Bolton portrayed by Kenneth Branagh who commands the troops and ships on Dunkirk. In the second narrative there’s british pilots bravely working to clear the sky of German dive bombers who are continuously attacking the ships.The scenes of pilot Farrier played by Tom Hardy were outstanding, the characters’ agility and heroism is evident throughout the film. Lastly, there’s a boat consisting of civilians Mr. Dawson, his son Peter, and Peter’s friend George, their goal is to help as many troops as possible to return home. All three face their own set of challenges  individually.

    Although the film has no focus on the characters specifically, it doesn’t affect the film substantially neither does the short dialogs, the visuals speak for themselves. The audience gets an overall look at the events at Dunkirk in the perspective of the troops, pilots, and civilians on the scene. By the end of the film a sense of community is felt as civilians unite prepared to help the troops get home. In conclusion, Dunkirk was impeccably directed and executed by Nolan in the best way possible.


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Movie Review: Dunkirk