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Cowboy Bebop Anime Review

Benicio Carrasco

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All aboard the bebop spaceship space cowboys. Come along on a journey with bounty hunters, as they travel the milky way looking for jobs and having misadventure along the way. In this world, Earth had a sudden meteor collision which destroyed much of the planet… so, the human race, left Earth and colonized all the planets. However, with such giant worlds of crimes and terrorism becoming widespread to the point where the police and military can no longer stop them who will provide justice across the milky way…that is answer is bounty hunters. So, bounty hunters go and collect them alive for large amounts of space currency, known as oolongs. Cowboy Bebop is an influential anime from the 90’s which made its way to become popular as an anime amongst Americans with its stories and brilliant art styles. Another great part of the show cowboy bebop is the fantastic opening with jazz. Screenwriter Keiko Nobumoto and creator Shinichirō Watanabe were the ones credited as the creators of the show. Originally, when this show was aired in Japan, it only lasted about 12 episodes and a special episode. Due to the rating it had in TV-14 (in Japan the tv standards for the age rating did not allow this sort of violence and adult content unless it was rated for adults) while over in America it became a phenomenon. The ratings in America were different than the ones in Japan, yet the tv rating for the show was still TV-14 in the us (the show include scenes of gore, sexual content, and adult themes).


Cowboy Bebop itself is known as a masterpiece due to its characters, animation quality, and storyline. Personally, I give it an 8.7/10. The reason for this is I feel like the characters were over-exaggerated in some scenes and it fell to many anime cliches. For instance, the character Spike Spiegel, the one with a dark past that he refused to tell anyone unless it’s convenient to the plot. There is a dog, named Ein, who occasionally does something funny or cute, yet he is a super advanced lab dog with a mysterious power…which we never know. Also, there is this character who looks like a boy but turns out to be a girl named Edward (last name not available). He is a human, from the planet Earth, who is a technological genius, but is often cast aside by the crew, even though he is a master hacker who can hack spaceships, classified reports, and even old satellites. However, with many of the dark themes on Cowboy Bebop, Edward was always there to cheer up the crew and the audience. However, each episode is a different misadventure, except for a few which, are either three or two part episodes. However, the show itself in a ton of fun and has large amounts of actions. I would definitely recommend this anime to anybody who wants to watch anime. My reason behind this is because I believe that this anime is the embodiment of what anme truly is and also because the plot and characters make an unforgettable story, small misadventures and tons of awesome action.

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Cowboy Bebop Anime Review