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How to build confidence

August 31, 2017

  1. Clothing matters. You’ve probably heard this one before but, it’s true. What you wear matters when it comes to being confident. Think of the most confident person you know; I know some of us will say Beyoncé, or Kanye West, or even Miley Cyrus. What they wear always makes a statement. They would never wear a plain baggy t-shirt with loose sweatpants and Sketchers, so why would you wear that? Wearing something that makes you feel comfortable, that fits correctly makes you instantly look more confident. Why may you ask? Well, when you don’t feel uncomfortable in clothes, you don’t tug and pull on your them all day which makes you seem more relaxed. (photo: Marie Claire- )
  2. Love yourself. Although this sounds cheesy it’s something every confident person does. Fall in love with yourself. It might be hard or you might not know how. I’m not saying to gush about how much you love yourself to other people. You can start to love yourself by looking in the mirror and finding something you like about yourself. Whether it’s the shape of your eyes, your lips, or your nose; if you can’t find anything then stare a little longer. Something elseyou can do is write all the characteristics you like about yourself like kindness, courage, intelligence.  (Cred: Fotolia)
  3. Be kind to others. Has anyone ever told you to treat others how you want to be treated? If you are kind to others this makes you feel good about yourself. This helps you build self-confidence. Being kind to others also makes more friends which help you be more comfortable in your surroundings. Being kind makes the world a better place. Help a teacher clean their room, give a person in a homeless situation water, or even tutor a kid to show kindness. Unknown
  4. Be Grateful. Grateful people are happy. Happy people are seen as way more confident than people who are sad or even depressed. Start off by listing the things you are grateful for which may include, but are not limited to: things, people, and places. njoy the small things: smell the pages of a book, smell the cookies you baked, see the beauty in your environment. Understand that the world does not owe you anything. (Dr. Isaiah Hankel)
  5. Say no. If youare someone who always says “yes”  for the sake of not hurting someone else’s feelings then you are not alone. We have all been guilty of saying ‘yes’ to a commitment to keep someone happy when we don’t want to show up. Well, say ‘no,’ it might surprise someone. They will be taken aback when you say ‘no’. Be firm, it shows confidence. Confident people tend to say ‘no’ and stick up for themselves.

In the end, it is in your own hands to build your confidence. You can either sit there and complain about not being confident or you can do something about it. Take steps to build your confidence starting today. Ready? Set. Go.

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